Tasks you will complete to begin accomplishing the requirements of reproducible research.

  1. Script and output figures from the R tutorial
  2. Article 1: What are the main results and conclusions? Describe in two paragraphs.
  3. Blog Site: Setup your account at Make your site nice! 3a) Include a screen shot of your blog as a .jpg
  4. Writing prompt: Where does your used water go? What is reproducible research?

Making a Project

Step 1:

Make a folder called Homework on the C: or the D: drive.

Step 2:

Within the homework folder, make a folder for each assignment called Assignment_1, Assignment_2, etc. Assignment_12,

Make a folder for each assignment up until Assignment_12.

Step 3:

Open RStudio.You may have to run RStudio as administrator to install the packages discussed below. To run RStudio as administrator, right-click the RStudio icon and click on ‘Run as administrator’.