Choose one of David Robinson’s tidytuesday screencasts, watch the video, and summarise.


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Q1 What is the title of the screencast?

The title is: TidyTuesday Live screencast: Analyzing historical phones in R ## Q2 When was it published? It was streamed November 10, 2020 ## Q3 Describe the data Hint: What’s the source of the data; what does the row represent; how many observations?; what are the variables; and what do they mean?

The data is about phones. But all of the rows say " afghanistan". Some variables include, entity, code, year, total_pop. As i went through the video the data is phone lines in households in each country. Really cool stuff.

Q4-Q5 Describe how Dave approached the analysis each step.

Hint: For example, importing data, understanding the data, data exploration, etc.

Dave approached the analysis by looking at his variables first and taking everything step by step going through each data set. Dave would keep going back and adding new formulas. It seemed to me he was kind of playing around with it and seeing what he can make out of it.

Q6 Did you see anything in the video that you learned in class? Discuss in a short paragraph.

One thing that I saw dave do in his video is use ggplots. Week two in class we learned how to properaly use the ggplots. What he also did what i did was go back into a formula after you typed it out and recived the data but go back into it and put different numbers in to see different graphs.

Q7 What is a major finding from the analysis.

He came to a conclusion that the average household has more than one cellphone line. He was finding the fixed phone subscriptions per 100 people. There was so much data that he found, he seemed to be surprised at everything. Dave reminds me of you Proffesor, seems very excited and he seems to love to learn as he goes.

Q8 What is the most interesting thing you really liked about the analysis.

I liked when he chose to look at africa you can see that landlines never were a thing which i found interesting because if you look at china, there is three within a household. I did like this analysis becasue he could see the data from all countries and see every scale.

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