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##                                                         Title      Author
## 1 How Tech Companies Can Advance Data Science for Social Good Nick Martin
##                           Publisher               Date
## 1 Stanford Social Innovation Review September 10, 2020


The main idea of the article surrounds the role that data plays in the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Only 68% or the indicators of the SDG have been viewed through data, and the Data Science For Social Good movement works to bring social issues to the forefront. Many large companies have begun to put their resources into the movement as well - including Google and Amazon. These companies have started making some of their data readily available to non-profits to help alleviate social issues, public health problems, and so much more.

The article continues on to consider the many ways in which data science is important and can be used for social good, including: 1. Preparing data appropriately and adhering to standards 2. Supporting data structuring in organizations 3. Providing data scientists to nonprofits for social change 4. Training at nonprofits to use data properly

My Thoughts

I really enjoyed reading this article! Social good/change wasn’t something that I had thought about a lot in the world of data science, but it is 100% something that I would like to do more research on and maybe pursue in the future. I enjoyed the points that were made about how governments and companies can support data science in non-profit organizations. I think it is very important for larger companies to partner with organizations in order to bring the many resources that they have to such a good use.

Author Information

About Nick Martin

Nick Martin founded the site, TechChange, which is an online technology and social change development site. He is a faculty member at both Columbia University and Georgetown.

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