Exercise 2.1

Use the help function to explore what the series gold, woolyrnq and gas represent.

  • gold series: Daily morning gold prices in US dollars. 1 January 1985 – 31 March 1989.

  • woolyrnq series:Quarterly production of woollen yarn in Australia: tonnes. Mar 1965 – Sep 1994.

  • gas series: Australian monthly gas production: 1956–1995.

a) Use autoplot() to plot each of these in separate plots.
autoplot(gold) +
  ggtitle("Daily morning gold prices in US dollars") +
  xlab("Day") +
  ylab("Price of gold")

Wollen Yarn
autoplot(woolyrnq) +
  ggtitle("Quarterly production of woollen yarn") +
  xlab("Year") +