The data set is from a case-control study of smoking and Alzheimer’s disease. The data set has two variables of main interest:

Q1 Describe the largest group that has other dementias. Discuss it by number of cigarettes per day.

People that are not smoking cigarettes have the largest group. 0 cigarettes per day.

Q2 Describe one group that has more cases than expected given independence (by chance). Discuss it by number of cigarettes per day.

Other dimentias greater than 20 cigarettes a day.

Q3 Does smoking seem to matter in determining other dementias? Discuss your reason using the masaic chart above.

Smoking does not matter in determining dementias. There is only small reltionships.

Q4 Create correlation plot for RailTrail.

Hint: The RailTrail data set is from the mosaicData package. ``

Q5 List all four variables that have negative correlation with the number of trail users (volume).

Fall(-.25), Spring (-.04), Cloudcover(-.37), Percipitation (-.23) all have a negative correlation. ## Q6 What season seems to be least popular for trail users? Fall is the least popular season for trail users. ## Q7 The correlation coefficient between hightemp and cloudcover is quite small. Would you be sure that the two variables are not related at all? Hint: One word answer (e.g., yes or no) is NOT enough. Explain why.

No, the correlation between high temp and cloud coverage is very small. The correlation is (-0.1)

Q8 Hide the messages, the code and its results on the webpage.

Hint: Use message, echo and results in the chunk options. Refer to the RMarkdown Reference Guide.

Q9 Display the title and your name correctly at the top of the webpage.

Q10 Use the correct slug.