The whole story will be setting up in the US in 2014 from the dataset of The Inc. 5000, which is Inc. Magazine’s annual list of the 5000 fastest growing private companies in the United States. The list is compiled by measuring each company's percentage revenue growth over a four-year period.Our main conversation will be the growth of state as well as industry. It is necessary to find out why these state and industry growing fast so that other state and industry can learn from it. 

  With the dataset of 5000 fast growth companies in the US, this analysis addressed the problem with:
  Which state in the US growth fastest and why?

  Tableau link: 

## [1] "/Users/lilyfeng/Downloads/neu/aly6070/final"

From the following heat map,

we can see that CA has most sum of growth compare to other states.

CA has a large number of companies who in the list,

which will decrease the average growth.

Check the following comparison charts per state.