Reproducible Research Using RMarkdown


  • What is reproducible Research?
  • What is RMarkdown?
  • Web-based approaches - Rpubs

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What is reproducible research?

What is reproducible research?

The Holy Grail

Full details of any results reported and the methods and data used to obtain them should be made available, so that others following the same methods can obtain identical results.

  • Recently considered in terms of
    • Statistics
    • Econometrics
    • Signal Processing
    • Epidemiology
  • So maybe
    • Geocomputation?
    • Environmental Informatics?

One possible way forward

Rmarkdown is open source software for dynamic report generation with R, enabling integration of R code into PDF, HTML, and MS Word documents. Effectively it embeds R code into documents.

Why it Matters

  • Not just an Academic Issue
    • Open Data / Open Government
    • Accountability - How did you reach your conclusions or recommendations?

Why it Matters

“We believe that, at the point of publication, enough information should be available to reconstruct the process of analysis. This may be a full description of algorithms and/or software programs where appropriate.”

(p. 104 of the Russell Report)

Rogoff and Reinhart