I created an API Key for the books from NYTimes. I will be looking for books in the health category. I use PostMan to see how the output of the call to the web API will look like in a beautiful JSON format. This is what most developers out there use.

loading libraries


load the data (API Key is needed - we are loading books with respect to health)

booksApiKey <- "M69aWzqQECFYN9tTHAG0Gne8dzQK19KR"

Url <- paste0("https://api.nytimes.com/svc/books/v3/lists/health.json?api-key=", booksApiKey) 

health_books <- readLines(Url, warn = FALSE)

#Read JSON data
health_books <- fromJSON(health_books)  
health_books_df <- health_books$results$books

#display columns names
##  [1] "rank"                 "rank_last_week"       "weeks_on_list"       
##  [4] "asterisk"             "dagger"               "primary_isbn10"      
##  [7] "primary_isbn13"       "publisher"            "description"         
## [10] "price"                "title"                "author"              
## [13] "contributor"          "contributor_note"     "book_image"          
## [16] "book_image_width"     "book_image_height"    "amazon_product_url"  
## [19] "age_group"            "book_review_link"     "first_chapter_link"  
## [22] "sunday_review_link"   "article_chapter_link" "isbns"               
## [25] "buy_links"            "book_uri"
#considering few columns to load
health_books_df = health_books_df[c("title","author","publisher","primary_isbn10")] 

#show the output
kable(health_books_df) %>%
   kable_styling(bootstrap_options = c("striped", "hover"))
title author publisher primary_isbn10
WHEN BREATH BECOMES AIR Paul Kalanithi Random House 081298840X
THE SUBTLE ART OF NOT GIVING A F*CK Mark Manson HarperOne/HarperCollins 0062457713
THE WHOLE30 COOKBOOK Melissa Hartwig Houghton Mifflin Harcourt 0544854411
THE LOSE YOUR BELLY DIET Travis Stork Ghost Mountain 1939457599
THE GENE Siddhartha Mukherjee Scribner 1476733503
MEDICAL MEDIUM LIFE-CHANGING FOODS Anthony William Hay House 1401948324
GREEN SMOOTHIES FOR LIFE J J Smith Atria 1501100653
THE ZERO SUGAR DIET David Zinczenko with Stephen Perrine Ballantine 0345547985
10-DAY GREEN SMOOTHIE CLEANSE J J Smith Atria 1501100106
BEING MORTAL Atul Gawande Metropolitan/Holt 0805095152