Data Product: Test Your Luck

Migo Dancel

777 Casino Slot Machines

Time to test your luck in 777 Casino's wonderful slot machines!

  • Start with 5000 cash!
  • You're not really losing any real money
  • Bet your cash and see if you win the Jackpot!

The Mechanics

Everytime you press play, the slot machine will generate a random symbol for each slot.

If every slot has the same symbol, then you win cash!


See the symbols and the multipliers they will give to the betting amount you initially set

Win this much according to the symbol:

  • A = Bet Amount x1.5
  • B = Bet Amount x2.0
  • C = Bet Amount x2.5
  • D = Bet Amount x3.0
  • V = Bet Amount x3.5
  • Z = Bet Amount x4.0
  • 7 = Bet Amount x10!!!!!

Check your Stats

The application will also track your wins and losses for the session.

Get to check how really lucky you are with your winrate!

The details for the calculations of your cash, winrate, wins, losses, and cash gained is detailed there as well!