I’ve been asked to provide an estimate of the economic losses inflicted by Donald Trump on the population of the world through personal time waste.

The Bottom Line


Details at http://rpubs.com/HaroldNelsonJr43/516762


First, I do have a PhD in economics (UCSD 1977) and have taught almost the entire curriculum in this department at Saint Martins University before I switched to the Department of Computer Science. I’ve also taught hundreds of economics courses at many schools.

Assumptions and Calculations

The rest of the world can be excluded. Even our closest allies have their own problems, like Boris Johnson.

We only need to consider the population of the US over age 18.

https://www.census.gov/quickfacts/fact/table/US/LFE046217 provides the count of 327,167,434 for the entire population. The same source states that 77.6% of the population is 18 or over.

.776 * 327167434
## [1] 253881929

I’ll round this off to 254 million.

Based on introspection, I beliveve that half of this population wastes some time thinking and stewing about Trump. That brings us to 127 million time wasters. How much time do they waste? I’d say between nothing and 60 minutes per day. Let’s say the average is 30 minutes or .5 hours. There are 365 days in a year. So the total time wasted is

.5 X 365 x 127 million hours.

What is an hour worth? I’ll use the US federal minimum wage of $7.25.

Put all of this together

.5 * 365 * 127 * 10^6 * 7.25
## [1] 168036875000

Let’s put commas in that and throw in a dollar sign for readibility.


So, we’re at 168 billion dollars per year for the cost of agonizing.

It feels worse.