Seafood certificate program for the culinary arts program at Thunder Mountain High School (Juneau, Alaska).

The certificate was issued by Angela Hunt (Better Seafood Processing School, Oregon State University Seafood Laboratory, Astoria, Oregon).
Coursework was taught by Keith Cox PhD (Seafood Analytics, Juneau, Alaska) and Jay Watts (Thunder Mountain High School, Juneau, Alaska).

Report prepared by Keith Cox

Certificate program


A seafood certificate program was developed and offered to high school students to help provide immediate workplace development employability while simultaneously introducing them to seafood industry careers. Students in all of Jay Watts three culinary arts class (n=79 students) at Thunder Mountain High School (TMHS) in Juneau, Alaska participated in the certificate program. The program was offered as a “flipped classroom” design consisting of 4 short presentations (~10 minutes/presentation) and two hands on components. Learning was measured by pre and post tests (100 pts each). Average student scores increased from 33% to 80% (pre to post tests) indicating the at programn was successfull in passing off knowledge within this format. The hands on portion allowed students to see first hand the degradation of quality by seafood products. A student received a certificate if they pasted the post-test with a score of 70%. 85% of the students received a certificate. 67 certificates were awarded.