2018 gada 6 decembris

Motivation in choosing this subject

  • Term "Big Data" has been around for quite some time now, but I feel that the overall knowledge about it and even more - the usage of it - isn't understood as it should.
  • All of us work with big data in our everyday lives - either we know it or not.
  • I've always been interested in statistics as such and the idea of being able to see corelation and relation between different variables.

Therefore my biggest motivation would be to better comprehend big data and how any amount of information can be reduced, produced and transformed into easily understandable concept.

Evaluation of this subject

Positive aspects:

  • Explaining real case studies helps understand the software as such as well the real application of software.
  • Working practically in class, not at home. Some lecturers have divided course materials so that we have more theoretical lectures, but have to work practically at our own time. With this method I disagree - I think it's more useful that we work practically here - at class - together.

Evaluation of this subject

Postive and negative aspect at the same time:

  • The division for theoretical and practical lectures. I think practical lectures and tasks are the best way how to master a new software. Therefore I appreciated the amount of the lectures that were more practical than theoretical, but still I'd like to have even more practical tasks in RStudio.

Evaluation of this subject

Negative aspects:

  • Schedule of lectures: For working students 2:30 PM is way too early to schedule lectures. It's a shame that lectures couldn't be held at any later time, I'm sure more student would attend lectures on regular basis.
  • Not understand the base/structure of RStudio. As you have mentioned yourself, most of us (students) have a social background, therefore we are not as used to working with softwares. Therefore I think first lectures lack the overall explaining of RStudio and the strucute/scheme of working with it.

Personal favorite and dislike of the subject

As I've mentioned in slides before I've been interested in statistics as a sphere for a while now. Therefore at all times I mostly focused on that while studying this subject.

As a personal favorite I'd define case studies as well as understanding (at least a little), how to work with big data most effectively.

As a personal dislike I'd say it's the lack of deeper understanding. Quite often I feel that in lectures I understand only the surface of the subject.

Most interesting graph I made


Thank you for your time & attention!

Patricija Krauze
(RHMD0 Digitalas humanitaras zinatnes, 1. grupa)