Data loading

Via a link

Let’s start from a very basic case and load a data set from a csv-file via a link. The format csv stands for comma separated values as in this file columns are separated with commas by default. The columns separator can be different, though, so we might need to add an argument specifying it. We will discuss these cases later. To load data from a file we use functions starting from read. and ending with its extention.

df <- read.csv("") # don't forget about quotes "" or ''

While loading data via a link, make sure your Internet connection is good. If everything is ok, you will see no error messages in the console and the variable df with the dataset will appear in the tab Environment.

Here we see general information about this data set, its dimensions: the number of observations and the number of variables. If we click on the df (exactly on the name df, not on the blue circle on the left), we will see a table in a separate tab (so-called View mode):