Budeget Proposal (Plz chk and hand teh Quote to Animesh )

Hardware Quantity Description Utility Price.INR
Arduino DUE(D) 2 32-bit ARM core microcontroller ADC 16 Bits 4000
Arduino Nano(D) 1 Prototyping experiments Identical to Arduino Duemilanove minus DC power jack 4000
Raspberry Pi 3+Monitor+Key Board(T) 1 ADC,DAC,Node A model for hardware based pedagogy 10000
Beggale Bone(T) - - - 10000
Node MCU(T/D) 4 NodeMCU is an open source IoT platform Device to Cloud Communication using wifi and message passing mode 3000
X bee Module(D) 1 point-to-point and star communications at over-the-air baud rates of 250 kbit/s do 3000
SIM 900(D) 1 SIM900 delivers GSM/GPRS 850/900/1800/1900MHz performance for voice, SMS, Data, and Fax in a small form factor and with low power consumption do 2000
Micro SD Card module(T/D) 2 For local data acquisition and experimental result storage do 2000
Imepedance (Converter)(D) 2 Impedance Analysor Impedance Analysis of Bio samples 15000
IDE electrode (10um)(D) 1 set (20 pcs) Probe Electrical Measurement for Biosystems 50000
IDE connector(D) 1 set Do Do 14000
Bread Board (840 point)(D/T) 5 pcs - Prototyping Experiments 1500
+Bread Board (400 point) 5 pcs - do 0
+Bread Board (170 point) 10 pcs - do 0
Tool Box 1 - - 10000
Light Intenisty Sensor(D) 5 Prototyping Experiments - 2000
Discrete Components(D) - do - 1000
pH Sensor 1 do - 2000
Power Supply (SMPS)+12v/ -12 v 2pcs do - 16000
Mobile Power Bank (10500 mAh)(D) 1 Power Source in Remote Areas - 2000
MCP 4822 DAC (D) 3 - Sensor Fabrication 1000
TLV 4110 (OpAmp)(D) 1 - do 2000
AD5933 (D) 1 - do 4000
Thingspeak A/C(D) 1 - Cloud Monitoring 120000
Voltage Stabilizer(D)/UPS 3 Running Spectrophotometer and Microscope - 36000
Wi Fi Prortable Router with SIM(T/D) 1 Year - - 10000
Opamps Mutiple Minitarized Cyclic Voltametry - 20700
Dragonboard 410c 1 - IoT cum sensing platform compatible with Arduino 6000
Semiconductor Powder TiO2,BN,MoS2,Other Consumable(D) 100 gm Each Consumable - 80000
Spin-Coater(D) 1 Functionalizing Electrode Device - 130000
Power Supply (SMPS)+12v 2pcs do - 16000

Training Program Subject as scheduled in the meeting on 27th Nov,2017

Subject Duration Resource.Person* Student.Expenses Expected Student Remuneration of hired resource persons
Android Dec 2017 Prof. Amlan Chakrabarty 2500(NON-CU)/500(CU) 10 50000
Open Harware and Biosensing Jan 2018 Prof. A.Dasgupta 2500(NON-CU)/500(CU) 10 50000
Big data handling Feb 2018 Prof. Bhaswati Ganguli 2500(NON-CU)/500(CU) 10 50000

Items Discussed in the meeting held on 27th Nov,2017

Kaushik and Anirban discussed the initial results on the water quality. The capacitance change of the different class of water as measured by a simple hardware setup was discussed. Prof. Amlan Chakrabarti critically analyzed how the set up can be EDGE enabled and how the design of the instrument should be clearer. Kaushik presented an item which he wants to copyright/patent asap.
All fellows have joined and there BANK/AC are almost ready - Animesh is looking into the matter in consulatuion with Kaushik. Animesh would take care of all purchases suggested by Kaushik, Anirban, Piyali.
Finalizing the course schedule- Courses has been proposed and Ms. Arpita Kanjlal would finalize the schedules. The required permission for he course and student course fee if any may be taken by the Dean Technology /PI of the present project. The materials of the training courses may be circulated by Ms. Arpita in advance The members felt the need to upload all the course materials in the project website so that the OUTREACH component is successful.

Other Information

Based on the meeting the following details was obtained:
For water sampling purpose we could purchase any of the following items (200pcs), whichever is most cheap. (http://www.tarsons.in/bottles)
1. Tarsons Narrow Mouth Reagent Bottle, LDPE (Low density polyethylene) [Cat#586240 Capacity: 500 ml]
2. Tarsons Narrow Mouth Reagent Bottle, PP (polypropylene) [Cat#582140 Capacity: 500 ml] 3. Tarsons Narrow Mouth Reagent Bottle, HDPE (High density polyethylene) [Cat# 583140 Capacity: 500 ml]
For Water quality testing following contact may be made:
Vivekananda Institute of Biotechnology Sri Ramkrishna Ashram, Nimpith Vill. Nimpith, P.O. Nimpith Ashram Dist. South 24 Parganas (W.B.)

Sundarbans, India

Pin – 743338

Ph :(91)3218 226-003, Fax:(91)3218 226-201 Email:vibsran@gmail.com