Dynamic forecasts - with Bayesian linear models and neural networks

Sigrid Keydana, Trivadis

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  • DACH-based IT consulting and service company, from traditional technologies to big data/machine learning/data science

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  • from psychology/statistics via software development and database engineering to data science and ML/DL

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  • machine learning and deep learning
  • data science and (Bayesian) statistics
  • explanation/understanding over prediction accuracy

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Dynamic models for timeseries prediction, - why?

Our task today: forecast men's 400m Olympic winning times


It's 2000, just before the Olympics. This is the data we have:

plot of chunk unnamed-chunk-2

This looks like we might even try linear regression...


lm(seconds ~ year, male400_1996) %>% coefficients()
(Intercept)        year 
  207.46609    -0.08257 

plot of chunk unnamed-chunk-4



plot of chunk unnamed-chunk-5

OK then... let's just use ARIMA


(yes, the series is not totally regular, but let me make the point ;-))