Data Analysis as Art


Matsui, E. & Peng, R. D. The Art of Data Science. (Leanpub, 2015).

Topic overview

  • General introduction
  • Song writing / data analysis
  • Donald Knuth
  • Creativity
  • Reproducibility

General introduction

  • Welcome all
  • About me
  • About you
  • About us
  • I forget

Song writing / data analysis

  • How do you write a song?
  • Can computers write songs?
  • How do you do you conduct data analysis?
  • Can machines really learn?

Donald Knuth

The chief goal of my work as educator and author is to help people learn how to write beautiful programs.

  • There is art and creativity in software and statistics
  • Literate programming


  • Data analysis has an element of creativity
  • Right-brained creativity
  • It is the decisions that we make
  • Analyst intuition


  • Scientific method remains important
  • Analyst are like pilots
  • Will you be able to reproduce your work in a year?
  • Use of generalizable methods helps