Many of the features in the package are only rudimentary described and implemented. One has to read in detail the description at RWordPress-package. There are listed all the relevant functions with their links to the different WordPress APIs. But most of these links our outdated, because of newer WordPress versions. Now the XML-RPC API is the only relevant code; it supersedes the legacy Blogger, MovableType, and metaWeblog APIs.

A look into the RWordPress-pages in GitHub could also be relevant. See also the XMLRPC package of the same author (Duncan Temple Lang) which is necessary for programming and understanding the functionality of the RWordPress package.


  1. Hello World! — This is my first paragraph, creating a new post with the R chunk upload-article. This chunk is generating the variable postID which I can use for working and elaborating on the same post.

  2. Another line of comment. — I have added this paragraph later on using the R chunk edit-article.

  3. With my next revision of the post I am going to add a code snippet and its output. I am again using the R chunk edit-article. As the output is a graphic I have to declare how to upload the picture. This is done in the R chunk setup-conncection-to-wordpress.

Establishing an upload facility of images is very important because otherwise the transfer to WordPress would encrypt the pictures to an awful peace of code. An example how this looks can be seen from my first trial.