rOpenSci onboarding system for packages

Maëlle Salmon, co-editor at rOpenSci


What is rOpenSci?

  • Presented in David’s talk… can I quizz you?

  • An organization supporting open science and reproducibility

  • Packages and a community


  • Internally developed packages (Scott Chamberlain, Jeroen Ooms).

  • Packages submitted by the community.

Onboarding process: ensuring best practices in the collection of packages.


What packages?

  • data retrieval

  • data extraction

  • database access

  • data munging

  • data deposition

  • reproducibility

What packages?

  • geospatial data

  • text analysis

And in case of any doubt… pre-submission enquiries!


Four editors

  • Scott Chamberlain (@sckottie)

  • Karthik Ram (@_inundata)

  • Noam Ross (@noamross)

  • Maëlle Salmon (@ma_salmon)

And many awesome reviewers!

Submission story: ropenaq

  • Step 1: reading old issues until I felt ready and not afraid

You don’t need that step, coolest process ever!

Submission story: ropenaq

  • Step 2: submitting the package!

Submission story: ropenaq

  • Step 3: getting the reviews and making the changes

Submission story: ropenaq

  • Step 4: thanking the reviewers and transferring the repo

Submission story: ropenaq

  • Step 5: writing a blog post