May 5, 2017


  • what is our role?
  • what are current & upcomming challenges?
  • what is the solution?

current role

* Chief, Zika Virus Risk Index Taskforce (reported to IC)

leaders in analytics
* identified neighborhoods at highest risk for local transmission
* planned data pipeline & analyses
* developed timelines & workflows for EnvOps & SurvEpi

leaders in planning & communication
* organized dozens of outreach teams
* radio interview (Spanish)
* televised zika hotline (Spanish)

hard-working & agile team—only had hours to complete IC requests



limited capacity for data viz as analysts routinely clean & calculate summary stats

limited monies as SAS & Tableau have a recurring yearly cost


limited human-hours as we contain emergency response within the division

how do we build up data viz & analytic capacity with limited resources?


limited capacity for data viz Data Unit has led training of 60 analysts in R, 40 left to go

limited monies Open-source software like R & Python are free

limited human-hours R & Python inherently facilitate reproducibility & code sharing

so where are we now?

  • fulfilled >60 biostats, GIS, R, & PCSI data requests
  • see dashboard created by R workshop participants
  • opportunity for spill-over in capacity building by…
    developing an analytic roadmap!
    - identify needs for routine surveilance & emergency response
    - what expert capacity do we currently have?
    - how can we better work with bureau of public health training?


Data Unit
Katherine Whittemore, MPH
Chaorui Huang, PhD
David E. Lucero, PhD