1 SpaDES sample modules

  1. Which modules are included with the SpaDES package?

    ## Locate the `SpaDES` sample modules
    sampleModuleDir <- system.file('sampleModules', package = 'SpaDES')
    ## identify the modules in this directory
  2. What do each of the sample modules do? I.e., what does each one demonstrate?

    ## open the sample module files to learn more about each module
    sampleModuleFiles <- list.files(sampleModuleDir, recursive = TRUE, full.names = TRUE)
    lapply(sampleModuleFiles, file.edit)

2 LCC2005 vegetation dynamics modules

Download and examine the LCC2005 vegetation dynamics modules to learn more about them.

## specify where to save files
moduleDir <- file.path(tempdir(), 'SpaDES_modules')

## download all necessary modules
downloadModule('LCC2005', path = moduleDir, data = TRUE)

## look at module or helper .Rmd file
openModules('LCC2005', path = moduleDir) 

3 wolfAlps module

Download and examine the wolfAlps individual based model to learn more about it.

downloadModule("wolfAlps", path = moduleDir, data = TRUE)
openModules("wolfAlps", path = moduleDir)

4 SpaDES and shiny

If time permits, feel free to play around with the proof-of-concept shiny apps: