1 Examples

  1. The demo modules in the SpaDES package

  2. Simple forest dynamics model (with caribou) (LCC2005)

  3. SpaDES-Landis Biomass Succession

  4. Wolf IBM (wolfAlps)

  5. A shiny app on shinyapps.io (e.g., Proof of concept)

2 Demo modules in SpaDES package

  • The demo modules are simple, proof of concept modules.

  • There are 3 different types of modules:

    • Event (fireSpread)
    • Agent (caribouMovement)
    • Data generation (randomLandscapes)
  • How to find them:

# Locate SpaDES on your computer; they are in the sampleModule folder
whereSpaDES <- find.package(package  = "SpaDES")
whereSamples <- system.file('sampleModules', package = 'SpaDES')
file.path(whereSamples, 'caribouMovement', 'caribouMovement.R') %>%

3 Simple forest dynamics model

  • More modules than SpaDES demo
  • Vegetation component is simple, but data-driven (LCC 2005)
  • Neither caribou, nor fire are data-driven
  • During simulation, it shows:

    • maps
    • data summary plots
    • text legends
    • colour matching between map and histogram
    • modular plotting (each module is unaware of other plots)

3.1 Simple forest dynamics model

  • Freely available from the SpaDES-Modules repository
  • This repository is intended to be like CRAN, but for SpaDES modules; makes them easy to distribute to others
  • How to find it:
# specify where to save files
moduleDir <- file.path(tempdir(), 'SpaDES_modules')

# download all necessary modules
downloadModule('LCC2005', path = moduleDir, data = TRUE)

# look at module or helper .Rmd file
openModules('LCC2005', path = moduleDir) 

4 SpaDES-Landis Biomass Succession

  • This is a rewrite in R of a core LANDIS vegetation dynamics module
  • Slightly different implementation, making it faster under many situations
  • Cross-platform (LANDIS is Windows-only)
  • Allows scientist easier access to code, e.g.,

    • making growth climate sensitive
    • changing mortality functions
    • dividing up large problems into small parallel problems
  • Not yet published

4.1 SpaDES-Landis Biomass Succession

4.1.1 Example results

  • Features:

    • Shows a random location in western boreal forest
    • Uses shiny to make it an interactive web page
    • Shows maps
    • Data summaries
    • Pre-run results
    • Can be easily published online, once public:

      (top right)

4.2 SpaDES-Landis Biomass Succession

4.3 Running the app

This is not publically available yet…


5 Wolf IBM (wolfAlps)