Doing Excel Things in R #5

This code shows two ways to create a basic pie chart in R. The first is fully automated.


The second is more customized with labels and legends.

vec <- iris$Species
vec_data <- data.frame(table(vec))
cols <- c('white', 'blue', 'red')
percentlabel <- round(100 * vec_data$Freq / sum(vec_data$Freq), 2)
pielabel <- paste(percentlabel, '%', sep = '')
pie(vec_data$Freq, labels = pielabel, col = cols, main = 'Pie Chart')
legend('topleft', c('setosa', 'versicolor', 'virginica'), fill = cols, cex = 0.8)

Though there are many similar sources for this code on the web, this particular code was adapted from: “Create Pie Charts in R