It has been not easy for TWTR stock this year. The worst of all, TWTR stock recently even lost its battle for staying above its IPO price, which is $26 per share. I am currently holding TWTR stock. For several times, I could not decide what to do: sell all or buy more? So, one aim of this project is to analyze TWTR stock and come up short-term investment strategy. Because sentiment analysis of twitter data is gaining more and more attention, this project also includes sentiment analysis to gain the first hand experience regarding to the value of twitter data. By doing all these, I am hoping to gain deep understanding about Twitter company and then have some ideas about TWTR stock long-term investment strategy.

Data Collection

This project collects data in three different ways:

Data Analysis

Part I: Analysis of history TWTR stock price

1. TWTR Stock Price Change Over Time

From the above plot, I can see that TWTR stock is really in bad situation, especially recently.

2.Histogram plot of History TWTR Stock Price