Wrapping Up dplyr

Albert Y. Kim
Wednesday 2015/02/04

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Notes from Last Time

%<>% is a combination of -> and %>% from the magrittr package. Ex. the following are the same:

mtcars <- filter(mtcars, gear >3)
mtcars %<>% filter(gear > 3)

Discussion about Article

Combining Data Sets via Join Operations

Imagine we have two data frames x and y:

  x1 x2
1  A  1
2  B  2
3  C  3
  x1    x3
1  A  TRUE
3  D  TRUE

We want to join them along the x1 variable and end up with a new data frame that has all three variables.

Combining Data Sets via Join Operations

  • dplyr's operations to join data sets are inspired by SQL (Structured Query Language), which used to query large databases.
  • If values are missing during the join, NA's are inserted.
  • This illustration succinctly summarizes all of them.

R Markdown

Everybody please ensure that Step 9 in the instructions about LaTeX work. If this doesn't work, please see Rich in his office hours tomorrow or me at some point before class.

Homework 01 will be assigned on Friday.