Introduction to Big Data Analytics

Maija Locmele

Digital Humanities, 1st group, 181RHM006

date: 06.12.2018


The subject was chosen as with the increase of the amount of data nowadays, the ablity to analyse it has become an important part of work in many companies.

Evaluation of the subject

  • The theoretical lectures were combined with the practical tasks. This made the subject that was totally unknown for us in the beginning of the course, to become more understandable;

  • Examples from the experience in the work environment were provided so that the relevance of the topic could be understood;

  • The relevance of R studio was proved also in other courses of the study program;

  • Learning materials were easy accessible during all the course;

  • However, the lenght of the course was not enough to cover the topic.

My idea of the course

As mentioned before, this course made me understand the relevance of the topic and the fact that the ability to analyze data has become a crucial asset of one's professional experience. The knowledge is important not only for data scientists but also for other roles of data-related projects.

The most (or one of..) interesting graph I have made

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