Intoduction To Big Data Analysis//Study Course in Riga Technical University

Renate Snore


  • Motivation in choosing subject
  • Subject evaluation
  • Personal favorite and dislike of the subject
  • Most interesting graph made in subject
  • Conclusion

Motivation in Choosing Subject

Big data analytics is everywhere

There is practically no sector which has remained untouched from the reach of Data Analytics.

To gain problem solving skills

Analytics is all about solving problems. The problems just happen to be on a much larger scale than what many of us are used to - effecting entire businesses, along with the staff and customers that they serve.

Subject evaluation

Positive aspects

Lectures are well combined with practical skills and theory;

Teacher is up to date with current trends in the field and has profesional working experience;

Interesting real life examples;

Not overpacked will homeworks - all the works are done in classroom.

Negative aspects

Many techincal issues with classrooms computers;

Lack of previous math skills to completley understand the processes.

Personal favorite and dislike of the subject

Favorite Graph making and possibilities of used packages for visualisations
Dislike Many problems that were caused by techinical issues that couldn't be prevented before the lectures

Most Interesting Graph Made on Subject

plot of chunk unnamed-chunk-1


  • Trending and up to date subject,
  • Well packed information in lectures,
  • Lack of previous experience to understand the mathematical proceses.