Economic Analysis for Lakes Region Planning Commission


Unemployment Rate, Population with Bachelor’s Degree

This article by the Laconia Daily Sun is stating the fact that New Hampshire’s unemployment rate is the lowest in the nation, and this is largly due to the lakes region and the lack of unemployment in this region. As the data suggests, more than half of the towns in the lakes region have an unemployment rate that is less than 5%, where the nations average is closer to 7.5%.

Amsden, Roger. “NH Unemployment Rate Lowest in Nation.” The Laconia Daily Sun, 27 Jan. 2017,

Dotplot for Unemployment Rate

Colum chart for Unemployment Rate

Dotplot for Population with a Bachelor’s Degree or Higher

Column Chart for Population with a Bachelor’s Degree or Higher


In Comparison

In Comparison

In comparison, The percent of the population of the lakes region with a bachelor’s degree or higer and the lakes region unemployment rate have a weak, negative correlation due to the fact that the percent of the lakes region population with a bachelor’s degree or higher is very high, and the unemployment rate is very low.