Economic Analysis for Lakes Region Planning Commission

By Anna Farrow, Kassidy Valliere & Tracy Ripkey


Topic: Economics of the Lakes Region

Research: Is the wealthiest town in the Lakes Region in 2011 still the wealthiest town today?

Were the areas affected most by poverty in 2011 able to recover?

NH Economy is strongest in New England. Year over year, employment is growing and is up 1.4%, according to Jan-March 2018 data provided by Federal Reserve Bank of Boston.

Unemployment rate is at a very low 2.6% in NH (Jan-March 2018)

With manufacturing jobs up 2.3% in NH and construction jobs led the way in employment growth.

Wage and Salary disbursements of 4th quarter 2017 increased in NH by 7.6%

New Hampshire has the eighth highest Median Income in the United States. (Census data 2015)

New Hampshire has the lowest poverty level in the US. (Census data 2015)

New Hampshire has the 2nd lowest unemployment rate in the US. (Dec 2017)

The impact of the low employment rate means employers are struggling to find help. The industry with the highest demand for workers in New Hampshire is health care, according to statistics released by the state. That’s followed by computer-related fields, and advanced manufacturing is third. Construction is fourth, followed by hospitality.


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