This is a report showing the distribution of square footage of enclosed vs. unenclosed sidewalk cafes in NYC. It is base on the latest release of data by NYC at the time of report generation. This report was generated on Sat Mar 31 09:25:11 2018.

The data was split into two dataframes containing the enclosed and unenclosed dataa using the following code:

enclosed <-, sidewalk$Sidewalk.Cafe.Type == 'Enclosed')
unenclosed <-, sidewalk$Sidewalk.Cafe.Type == 'Unenclosed')

The data was then plotted with this code:

boxplot(enclosed$Lic.Area.Sq.Ft, unenclosed$Lic.Area.Sq.Ft, names = c("Enclosed", "Unenclosed"), main= "NYC Sidewalk Cafe Size")

The median size of the reported 147 enclosed cafes is 326 square feet. The largest enclosed cafe is 1044 and the smallest is 1 square foot.

The median size of the reported 861 unenclosed cafes is 202 square feet. The largest unenclosed cafe is 1300 and the smallest is 30 square foot.