1 Goal

The goal of this tutorial is to load several libraries in one single action. This could be very useful for example if we can define a common list of libraries for a project. We could even load the list of libraries from a source file.

2 Loading libraries

# Imagine that we need to load a long list of libraries

3 Unloading libraries

# To perform the following exercise we need to unload the libraries
# This is performed using detach
detach("package:dplyr", unload = TRUE, force = TRUE)
detach("package:arules", unload = TRUE, force = TRUE)
detach("package:caret", unload = TRUE, force = TRUE)
detach("package:corrplot", unload = TRUE, force = TRUE)
detach("package:VIM", unload = TRUE, force = TRUE)
detach("package:e1071", unload = TRUE, force = TRUE)
detach("package:readr", unload = TRUE, force = TRUE)

# We check how many libraries are loaded 
# Notice only dependencies are still loaded
##  [1] "data.table" "grid"       "colorspace" "ggplot2"    "lattice"   
##  [6] "Matrix"     "stats"      "graphics"   "grDevices"  "utils"     
## [11] "datasets"   "methods"    "base"

4 Load different packages in one action

# We can create a list of the packages we want to load
my_packages <- c("dplyr", "arules", "caret", "corrplot", "VIM", "e1071", "readr" )

# And then load them all at once doing
lapply(my_packages, library, character.only = TRUE)
# We can check now that the libraries are loaded again
##  [1] "readr"      "e1071"      "VIM"        "corrplot"   "caret"     
##  [6] "arules"     "dplyr"      "data.table" "grid"       "colorspace"
## [11] "ggplot2"    "lattice"    "Matrix"     "stats"      "graphics"  
## [16] "grDevices"  "utils"      "datasets"   "methods"    "base"

5 Conclusion

In this tutorial we have learnt how to load several libraries at once using a character vector. We have learnt as well how to detach packages.