Outline of Workshop

Our Textbook

ModernDive and Our Syllabi

  • ModernDive's guiding philosophies are deeply intertwined our syllabi
  • Hard to speak of ModernDive in isolation from syllabi and vice-versa
  • Numbers are numbers, but data has context…

Context & Background

Albert's Course

  • Introduction to Statistical & Data Sciences: Webpage and GitHub Repo
  • Administrative:
    • Chief non-econ/bio stats service class at Middlebury
    • 12 weeks each with 3h "lecture" + 1h "lab"
  • Students:
    • ~24 students/section of all years/backgrounds. Only stats class many will take
    • Background: Many had AP stats, some with programming
    • All had laptops that they brought everyday

Albert's Syllabus

  • Topic List
    • First half is data science: data visualization, manipulation, importing
    • Second half is intro stats: sampling, hypothesis tests, CI, regression
  • Evaluation
    • 10%: weekly problem sets
    • 10%: engagement
    • 45%: 3 midterms (last during finals week)
    • 35%: Final projects

Albert's Typical Classtime

  • First 10-15min: Priming topic, either via slides or chalk talk
  • Remainder: Students read over text & do Learning Checks in groups and without direct instructor guidance.